Using vpnc to connect to a Cisco VPN on Ubuntu

First instal vpnc_ sudo apt-get install vpnc

Now, find the .pcf file that your office provides you. Open it in a text editor and use the relevant info to create file /etc/vpnc/default.conf. The contents shoudl look something like this_ IPSec gateway 123.456.789.123 IPSec ID IPSec secret Xauth username

There's one hold up, though, as many companies provide their secret phrase pre-hashed. This means that it can't be entered correctly into the configuration file for vpnc.

(your pre-hashed secret string will look something like this)

E6A01097705A303C1128DC224D959D741A708AA5A AE8D5DAA8E982A5AC5328B76639038E03A8620395 A11C5C1732D5149FB4743293B4E50A

The solution is to hop over to this cisco vpnclient password decoder, pop in your hash, and retrieve the key. If you're really paranoid, you can download the C source code and run it on your machine.

Finish filling out the conf file, save it, then run sudo vpnc --natt-mode cisco-udp /etc/vpnc/default.conf

To disconnect, run sudo vpnc-disconnect


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