Web Design Mantras

I have a list on my computer of design and usability tips that I look over whenever I sit down to design the layout of a new site. Doing so helps keep me focused on making designs that are easy to use and asthetically pleasing.

I regret that i no longer have the sources for these quotes, so I'm unable to attribute them properly, but here are a few of them anyway_

  • Keep it simple. The power of good design is in its simplicity
  • Pick a few colors and stay with them.
  • Never underestimate the power of white space.
  • The designer concerned with content is more likely to make a meaningful contribution than the designer who is primarily concerned with form.
  • You have three seconds to convince a user not to use the Back button. Three seconds. So, get something on the screen immediately, and make it really interesting.
  • People hate to wait.
  • People hate to scroll.
  • People hate to read.
  • So make finding information fast, simple, and accessible.

For other web design goodness, see this post. Also check out my post on Web Designer's Hell to see how customers often want things that don't remotely follow these mantras.


Written by Karen -

Thank you for the inspiration. I went back and cleaned my blog up. It looks a lot cleaner now. You're awesome.

Written by Shelley -

Very good advice. I can't emphasize white space enough -- I *hate* clutter.

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