Wednesday Links

  • New York is currently experiencing "unknown precipitation" (whatever that is...)
  • Gmail Fetcher launches to everyone. You can now pull all of your POP email accounts into gmail.
  • 17 is the "most random" number. Really, this just displays how poorly conceived human notions of randomness are. We're wired to find order in the chaos of the world. Going the other way just doesn't come naturally.
  • A great comment from this thread_ What did Einstein Invent Anyway?
    Your question is misguided. Einstein was a scientist, not an engineer. Scientists try to learn about the world; engineers try to use that knowledge to create useful things. Trying to rate a scientist based on his inventions is a case of using the wrong score board -- like counting innings in a tennis game.


Written by Liz -

Unknown precipitation = sleet, snow, freezing rain, (aka- a "wintery mix") + hobo juice (New York's own "special sauce", if you will).

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