What Civil Liberties?

Former NSA agent Russell Tice is the whistleblower who leaked information about the NSA's illegal spying activities to the New York Times. He's now gone public and will be testifying before Congress about the blatant abuses of power going on in his former agency.

I'm not going to analyze why wiretapping American citizens without a court warrant is reprehensible - that's been covered pretty well elsewhere (and frankly, should be common sense). I do want to pass along this thought, though, which came up during a discussion of the issue over at Slashdot

In America we have no excuse for saying "the gov't abuses us". We ARE the gov't. And if we've let it grow out of control it is not due to technology, information, or any other excuse. It is due to public inattention and apathy. I find those things far more dangerous than information or even gov't itself.

Update: There's a better article and transcript of the interview over at Democracy Now


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