What is Chris

Thanks to Kerry for the linkage.

chris is a social giant.
Ever since the lampshade incident, that's all I hear.

chris is the cutest guy in the world.

chris is available for adoption.

chris is a geek
True 'Nuff

chris is a pretty boy @#%$

chris is really silly.

chris is a real chick magnet.

chris is a bit too excited about being on daytona beach.

    And why shouldn't I be?

chris is returned to an upright position.
    Yeah, after a night at the bars, I may need that...

chris is stupid chris is stupid chris is stupid chris is stupid chris is stupid chris is stupid
    I get the point.

chris is reading.
True a lot of the time

chris is a very spontaneous person and looks for honesty and loyalty in potential girlfriends.

chris is available to do clinics of all kinds.
Well, if by "clinics" you mean "women"...

chris is always entertaining

chris is coming to visit.
So add another plate to the table.

chris is hiding.

chris is a good family man with integrity and fairness beyond reproach and a dedicated republican who has respect from all parties.
    HAHAHA! Oh man... whew... Almost fell on the floor laughing at that shit.

chris is 30.

chris is run on microsoft's most powerful database.
    Actaully, I prefer MySQL.

chris is god.
Now do my bidding.

chris is a fellowship of the worshipful company of farriers
(farr-ier n. One who shoes horses.) They've got me pegged.

chris is the all mighty god of the gods.
    That's even better!

chris is a jerk.

chris is so scattered in his thoughts that he needs someone to coach him through school.
    What do they mean by tha...HEY! There's a bird!

chris is tired of the whole "boyband" thing and is leaving *nsync to start a rock band
    Well, they're half right

chris is disappointing
Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way.

chris is one of four staff members responsible for conducting the compliance evaluation inspections.
So get your ass in gear and get your site w3c compliant.

chris is now 4 years old.
Okay, so I act a little immature at times. Sue me.

chris is traveling extensively.

chris is doing very well on the neurology unit.
    Actually, I'm in neurobiology, but close enough.

chris is so hot and i can never get my mind off of him.
    Yeah - I get that a lot.

chris is a huge physical presence; but don't mistake him for being all about brawn.
    The gun show's in town, baby.

chris is occasionally joined in performance by "the red cities orchestra"

chris is exactly right.
And don't you forget it.

chris is meat free in 2003.
    Whatever. Vegetables aren't food. Vegetables are what food eats.

chris is gone.
chris is here.
(chris is a contradiction)

chris is a remarkable young man who leads by example both on and off the playing field

And perhaps the most accurate description_
chris is.


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