World Cup

Zidane is a thug. Did you see that headbutt? Losing your cool and putting your team a man down in overtime is inexcusable.

Also, how would you like to be Trezeguet, forever known as the guy who hit the crossbar and lost the world cup for France. Ouch.


Written by Keith -

Trezeguet may be viewed (unfairly) in France as the guy who cost them the World Cup, but a championship should never come down to PKs. Did the recent NBA finals decide game seven with a free throwing shooting contest? Or can you see the World Series switching to Home Run Derby to decide its champion? I say play on until a legitimate goal is scored--no matter how long that takes.

Written by Ron -

Hey- glad to see things are going well. I don't think Zidane is a thug. He's one of the greats who was clearly provoked. Stupid mistake yes! thug no! At least Trezeguet hit the cross bar, in '94 Roberto Baggio hit the 15th row against Brazil in the final. It'll go down as a great game france should have won.

Written by noah -

Funny word choice. I am taking a class under a British prof at the moment, and apparently here in Japan, soccer is nearly the only European culture accessable to him (as he is not an internet junkie). His exac words the day after watching the final game were "That Materazzi is an absolute thug isn't he?" He went on for a minute about how much brits hate itallian footballers because their play style is so cynical - doing anything to win and all that. there is a compilation of Materazzi's fouls on youtube-- thats how much people don't like him. Thats all, just thought it was an odd coincidence of word choice.

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