Wow. This is interesting...Bill Clinton

Wow. This is interesting...

Bill Clinton wrote this article for the Guardian, a well known liberal British newspaper, supporting the war. Though he's definitely not in the Bush administration's frame of mind (see: our way or the highway), he believes that the available diplomatic solutions were exhausted. Yes, the Bush administration bungled the push for support badly, but at this point, Clinton believes that regime change in Iraq is necessary. In other words, he supports Tony Blair's rationale, not Bush's. This is hardly surprising, since Clinton and Blair share much of the same leadership style. They're both charismatic liberal diplomats who will bend over backwards to win a war of words, rather than risk military action. Both believe strongly in international cooperation - through the UN and other bodies, and both have had to make tough decisions about the use of force - Clinton in Bosnia and Blair now, in Iraq.

I still can't say that I believe this war is necessary, but I respect Clinton a great deal, and hearing his perspective has given me something to think about.


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