Xbox Live Customer Service: Not Half Bad

I called to cancel my Xbox Live account today, since my one-year subscription was up. (and I don't play much besides my Wii anymore). I braced myself for the worst, remembering what a pain in the ass canceling these services always is.

The five minute hold time didn't do much to assuage my fears, so when the Microsoft rep picked up the phone, I was immediately on the defensive. "Hey", he said, "What can I do for you today?". Gritting my teeth, I said "I need to cancel my Xbox Live account".

"Okay, no problem - can I ask why you're getting rid of it?"

Oh boy, here it comes, I thought. This is where they quiz you about the details and look for ways to retain a customer.

"I sold my Xbox", I lied.

"All right, fair enough. Do you have any family members that might want to take over your account?"

Sigh. . . What kind of lame script is this? I mean, have they EVER met someone who said "Well, sure - I bet my mom would love to play Halo as 'LilHellSpawn354'

"Uhh, No. Sorry"

"Hey, that's cool. I just had to ask the questions off the lame script here. Besides, it's not like anyone has ever answered yes to that one"

Nice. I appreciate candor. It's not something you normally see from a service rep.

As he filled out the rest of the paperwork, we made some small talk, and it turns out he was from Missouri and living in Austin. We bitched about the weather for a few minutes while he put through the request, and then the call was over.

It was a mercifully short and even, I daresay, pleasant experience. Some of that may have been because I lied about not owning an Xbox, but issues like that never stopped AOL reps from trying. Since I bitch when customer service goes awry, I feel like I should give Microsoft props for doing it well this time. Props to Brian from Austin, and I hope that people like him are the norm over there. If so, you guys are doing a damn fine job.


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